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Update 3/15/15:
Fixed Zero's saber slash sound to go with the saber swing rather than the button press.
Update 2/5/15:
Added two more slashes to Zero's basic saber combo, bringing his saber ability to something like X8.
Update 1/15/15: The first 2015 Update
Added Launch Octopus's stage. In his stage, your movement is decreased and your jumping power increases.
Fixed a bug where the background would constantly swap between each other and rendered the game unplayable.
Update 12/23/14: The More Music Update
Added two more songs. One is Storm Eagle's theme from Maverick Hunter X. The other one goes with everything.
Added a new background for Storm Eagle's theme. The two backgrounds will be chosen randomly for "X vs Zero" and "Goes with Everything", but Central Highway will always be associated with the Central Highway theme, while New Aero Airport is always chosen with Storm Eagle's theme.
.enirboreH devomeR
Update 12/18/14: The Music Update
Added Megaman X8's Main Menu theme as the menu music. Central Highway was removed, because I added Maverick Hunter X's Central Highway remix, chosen as a random song when you fight. The X vs Zero theme is still there.
Fixed a bug where if you dash and hold the direction you dash, you slide instead of going back to your walking animation.
Fixed a bug where if you air dash and hold the direction of the dash, you air walk instead of falling.
Fixed Zero's crouching sprite so that the saber does no go below the ground.
Update 12/13/14: The "I Totally Want it to be Christmas" Update
Fixed the warning siren's timing.
Added the Hadouken to X's arsenal. Hold down and press E to use it. X will switch out of his Ultimate armor into his armorless body, and will quickly fire off a Hadouken. While X is armorless, if he gets hit, the attack is interrupted and X goes back into his Ultimate armor. He DOES NOT take any extra damage for getting hit in his base form.
Update 12/8/14: The W Update
Added a Megaman X boss warning siren. If somebody could link me the sprites to the X5 or X6 warning sprites, that'd be great. For now, I have to use the Megaman Zero warning sprite. The sound does not link up the the flashing; will fix in a later update.
Zero now has his Wind Shredder from Megaman X5. To execute it, you dash and press O. However, in this incarnation, the Wind Shredder can be used in air, where the original version could not.
Fixed a bug where Zero's jump sprites would lock when falling down from a single jump.
Update 12/1/14: The December First Update
X now has the Shoryuken. Hold up and press E to use it. X himself can do 6 damage if he hits Zero with it. However, there's another feature. When X has less than 6 health at any time, his Shoryuken turns into the Rising Fire from Megaman X4. He still does the Shoryuken motion, but he also summons a super damaging fireball from his fist, like Ken from Street Fighter. The fireball does one damage... per frame. Look for fun ways to abuse this feature. If X hits Zero with just the fireball, Zero will take massive damage, but if X also hits Zero, Zero gets hit out of the fireball and takes 6 damage. At that point, he is unable to get hit by the fireball.
Update 11/12/14: The Two Updates in a Day Update
Increased the frames per second from 24 to 30. This is for a more frantic overall feel to the game.
Fixed X and Zero's jumping animations; X will keep his arms raised for his ascent and lower them while falling. Zero will keep his arms down when rising, along with his hair flowing downwards, and raise his arms falling, along with his hair flowing upward during his descent.
Changed the gravity and jumping power of both characters; Both have lowered gravity and a less powerful jump. X jumps slightly higher than Zero, but Zero still retains his double jump.
Zero now walks as fast as X.
Update 11/12/14: A Random Update
Increased the distance the Guard Shell stays away from X.
Update 11/10/14: The Guard Shell Update
Due to real life complaints, I added a special weapon that is a bit different than the ones usually found in Megaman X games: The Guard Shell. It basically blocks (almost) every saber slash and buster shot Zero throws at X. Deploying the Guard Shell does not consume weapon energy; only when something hits the Guard Shell will weapon energy be consumed. Switch to it with R and use it with R.
The Guard Shell itself will always be directly in front of X, and will turn with X, should X decide to turn around. Even when jumping, the Guard Shell will always be close by. The Guard Shell can only be destroyed by Zero's Rekkouha; upon impact the Guard Shell will break and one unit of ammo will be consumed. The Guard Shell does NOT protect X against the Rekkouha.
Update 11/5/14: The Belated Halloween Update
Added Zero's Rakukoujin from Megaman X6. Hold down and press O in the air to use it.
Added a charge system to Zero's buster. The Z-Buster now charges automatically. Shooting it at anything but maximum charge will fire a smaller, weaker shot. At a full charge Zero fires his charge shot.
X's Nova Strike's number of uses was changed to 4.
Zero's Hyuoruushou now knocks X upward as well as backwards.
Removed Herobrine.
Update 10/23/14: The MOAR Update
Added proper air-dashing for X and Dashing for Zero.
Fixed the bug where Zero's saber would not move with Zero if used in the air.
Nova Strike can now be used 8 times.
Zero was made slightly slower to compensate for his power.
Added a bar that fills when X is charging is buster.
Zero can now reflect X's fully charged X-Buster shots. (Buggy)
Changed the help screen to be more helpful.
Added dashing, jumping, giga-crushing, and Z Saber sound effects.
Changed the X Buster charge gimmick: If you press crouch too many times you now retain your charge shot.
Update 9/25/14: The Rosh Hashana Update
Zero now has a double jump! Just press the jump button in midair to double jump.
Update 9/9/14: The Sprite Update 2
I changed X's sprites to be the Ultimate Armor from Megaman X4 and 5. I'd say X6, but the coloring on that ultimate armor is completely different.
Also, Zero's Saber combo has changed to be the basic combo from Megaman X8. It extends Zero's reach with the Saber just a bit, so hitting with the normal ground combo should be easier.
Also, press T. The move X uses is broken, and I need to fix it so it's balanced. Oh well.
Update 6/28/14: The Hyouryuushou Update
I added in Zero's Hyouryuushou (ice uppercut from X8). Execute by holding Up and pressing O on the ground.
Update 6/24/14: The Sprite Update
Just for the hell of it, I updated Zero's sprites to be more like X8 Zero's. They look better to me, and because X8 was the last traditional X game, I thought it would make more sense. Credit to :iconkensuyjin33: for the original X8 sprites, and :iconbrongaa12: for the edits.
Update 6/22/14: The Control and Asthetics Update
The controls have changed for Zero a bit; look in the instructions menu.
You know that lamppost in the Cental Highway? Now you can go behind it! Purely asthetic, though. Probably a final update.
Update 6/10/14: The Random Update
I added a surprise if you play the game three times in the same session (now removed). Probably also one of my final updates, unless I decide to do more with this.
Update 6/9/14: The Menu Revamp and Ending Update (Again)
I drew in pictures of X and Zero, depending on who wins. X also now has an ending theme.
The menus now have text fonts from Megaman X. Oh, jumping is back to how it was before (kinda). G now makes X jump again while the left brace [ now makes Zero jump. I should change Zero's control scheme a bit more, though, because now the button next to Zero's jump button is his GIGA CRUSH, and his buster and saber buttons feel too far away from the jump button. WILL CHANGE. TOMORROW. MAYBE.
Update 6/7/14: The Intro and Ending Update
When you start the game, X and Zero now do an intro animation.
When you win the game as Zero, the ending screen will have Zero's theme from X3 play. Why not X? Because he doesn't have a definitive character theme.
Update 6/5/14: The Ass-Backwards Win Update
Now you notice that there is a win meter. X and Zero have to kill each other, with each kill adding a point to the killer's meter. When the meter is full, you go to a empty screen with two buttons. Click X's head to replay, click Zero's head to go to the main menu.
Also, no random air crouching! WOOOO.
Update 6/4/14: The Mainly Bugfix and Control Tweak Update
Re-added music. Sorry bout that.
Changed some keys. W makes X jump, the UP arrow key makes Zero jump, and the P key (previously Zero's jump) is now his GIGA CRUSH attack.
Now, X and Zero cannot walk off the stage like dumbasses.
Now, when you stand still, press jump, and move left or right, X and Zero don't air walk like a dumbass!!(They can still air-crouch like dumbasses, though.)
Removed the music due to filesize issues, will be added back in later updates.
ADDED ZERO'S GIGA CRUSH. Press minus to use it. It's one use, though, so beware.
Update 5/28/14: The New Menu, Control Tweaks, and Special Weapon Update
A fancy schmancy new menu with an incomplete instructions screen!
Changed how the charge works: Pressing the S key still charges, but it takes more presses to charge to the maximum level. I think it's four presses or less for a normal shot, 5 - 7 presses for a medium charge, and 8 presses to get a full charge. Pressing over 8 times still reverts the charge back to normal "lemons".
Added two of X's special weapons, both from X2. The E key fires a special weapon, but there is no animation yet. X will also NOT change colors, I find it too hard for a new programmer to go about doing that. The R key changes the special weapon to the Spin Wheel, and back to the Speed Burner.
For the next update, I'll try to add in Zero's Giga Crush from X6, the one with the GIANT FREAKING LASERS. I'll add a damage chart at the bottom of the description.
Update 5/22/14: The Buster Upgrade, Health, and Broken Dash Update
Added a "charge" for X. Press the S key to duck, and charge your buster one level. Press it twice to charge to max level. Be careful, pressing S while fully charged makes your charge go away! Also, press Q to make X dash, though he's invincible due to testing purposes. Zero now has his buster from X5, press the B button to use it. It works like in X5, too, but he fires his charge shot from the X vs Zero fight. No charging for him, too!
Added health for both, but nobody dies when health goes to zero. Also added sound effects.
Update 5/20/14:
Added jumping (though buggy, it works... kinda). Press the G key to make X jump, while pressing M makes Zero jump. You can still attack in midair, but Zero does his regular ground slash while X can only shoot in the first few frames of his jump. Going to fix... tomorrow... and moving mid-jump makes the character run in midair. MUST FIX.
Oh goody, another test.

Move Megaman with W S A D, shoot with F. Move Zero with the arrows and slash with N. No jumping or health, but you can get hurt without knockback.

Normal "X" Buster Pellets = 1 Damage; Infinite
Medium Charged "X" Buster = 2 Damage; Press S to charge, Infinite
Max Charged "X" Buster = 4 Damage; Press S to charge, Infinite
Speed Burner = 5 Damage; 4 Uses
Spin Wheel = 8 Damage; 4 Uses
Guard Shell = 4 Damage when hit with Zero's saber; 16 uses
Hadouken = 10 Damage; Infinite
Shoryuken = 6 Damage; Infinite
Rising Fire = 1 Damage per Frame; Infinite; Health must be 6 or below.
Nova Strike = 16 Damage; 4 Uses
First Z Saber Slash = 2 Damage; Infinite
Second Z Saber Slash = 1 Damage; Infinite
Third Z Sable Slash = 4 Damage; Infinite
Hyouruushou = 6 Damage; Infinite
Rakukoujin = 8 Damage; Infinite
Wind Shredder (Shipuu) = 4 Damage; Infinite
Uncharged "Z" Buster Shot = 2 Damage; Infinite
Charged "Z" Buster Shot = 4 Damage; Infinite
Crouching Z Saber Slash = 2 Damage; Infinite
Zero's Giga Crush (Rekkoha) = 16 Damage; One Use

Known Glitches:
When getting hurt and while during the intro animation, if X or Zero uses an attack, moves left or right, or crouches, on release of the key X and Zero get out of the hurt/intro animation. *Fixed*
When the Guard Shell is hit by Zero's saber, the saber does not go away. Therefore it is possible to drain the Guard Shell's weapon energy much faster than normal.
When dashing as either X or Zero, if the dash button is pressed and the player immediately switches directions, X and Zero can stand in air.
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This is awesome!
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Ace-The-Artist Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thanks, though there's many glitches and I need to update some sprites in some areas
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Whoa, that's some stuff.

I'm gonna have to try this out later, when I'm on my computer.
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It's 2 player, but you can still try out each character.
AquaTHedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay so I played this now. My only problem with it is that the running animation just freezes for both of them.

Other than that this is awesome and really well done. I love it.
WuBoy Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah, I couldn't find a way to fix the running animations. I just started learning flash, so I don't know the answer to the problem yet.
Glad you liked it!
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